Ryan Edmonson


Landing page and Instagram campaign to promote the launch of the entry level Kindle device.
Fall Launch Takeover
48-hour takeover of Amazon.com to promote the fall 2019 launch of new Echo devices.
Kindle Paperwhite
Launch video, social media videos, and landing page on Amazon.com for the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite.
Echo Buds
Launch video and detail page on Amazon.com for the 2019 release of Echo Buds.
Echo Auto
Packaging, onboarding video in the Alexa app, and landing page on Amazon.com for the launch of Echo Auto.
Amazon Devices Editorial
Editorial recommendations to help customers find the right devices for their needs.
Salida, Colorado
Personal project—digital storybooks for a small mountain in Colorado using original photography, all shot on iPhone. Created using the Steller app.
Nike Zoom Air Microsite
Multi-sport campaign featuring some of Nike’s top athletes.
Aetna.com Site Redesign
A handful of the hundreds of pages that I and two other copywriters wrote, edited and formatted in Adobe’s CQ content management system for the launch of Aetna’s new, responsive, mobile-optimized website.
Salida City Council Elections
Facebook campaign targeting young voters to get out the vote for local elections. I developed the branding and shot and edited all of the videos in less than two weeks.
Together Against Diarrhea
Fundraising campaign for PATH.org’s DefeatDD program, which works to educate people in developing nations about the dangers of diarrhea – one of the top three killers of children under the age of five.
Blue Cat Café
Copywriting and design to support the launch of Austin’s first and only cat café.
Travelers IntelliDrive :30 TV
:30 DRTV spot touting the new Travelers IntelliDrive device.
Travelers Radio
Radio campaign touting the Travelers Buying Early Advantage.
“Advanced Moves” Essay
An unsolicited, unsubstantiated yet undeniable set of guidelines for being an advertising copywriter.
Sir Freelancelot Identity
Business cards for my freelance copywriting service.
Verizon Retail Store
Touchscreen kiosk displays for the Verizon Retail Store designed to help customers learn more about Verizon's service offerings.
Verizon Pre-Roll Video
Pre-roll video spots promoting the reliability of Verizon home phone service.
Nike.com Storefronts
Landing pages promoting seasonal products, campaigns and sporting events on nikestore.com.
Listerine Total Care Campaign
Print and banner campaign touting the six-in-one benefits of Listerine Total Care.
Listerine Print Campaign
Print ads promoting Listerine’s entire product line by speaking about the mouth in an entirely new way.
Deathwish Cigarettes
Concept, copywriting and design for a spec anti-smoking campaign using all of the tropes of mainstream cigarette advertising.
Pepcid Complete Campaign
Series of print and banner ads promoting the strength and speed of Pepcid Complete and its ability to stop heartburn both now and later.
Jack Magazine
Cover, table of contents and interior spreads for an arts and culture magazine.
TKO Tea Packaging
Concept, copywriting, logo and package design for a line of highly caffeinated teas.
Women’s Wear Daily Fashion Event
Design of event poster and website for a fashion show in Paris.
Bertrand Newsletter
Internal newsletter for a well-heeled law firm.
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