So much wisdom at such an early age. Steely blue eyes and a winning smile, unflappable in the glare of the spotlight. These qualities are, thankfully, still in tact. But in the intervening decades I've managed to learn a thing or two beyond how to rock a turtleneck beneath a butterfly collar.

I spent the first 15 years of my career as a copywriter at ad agencies in Austin and New York—some you’ve heard of and at least one or two you haven’t. In 2010 I decided to give freelancing a try. My motivations were simple. I had some writing I wanted to do. There was a graphic design course I’d been itching to try. A buddy had invited me to work on a startup with him (coming soon to an app store near you). Another friend wanted script feedback on a feature film she was making. While agency life had been a fantastic learning experience, the world felt a lot bigger than what I was contributing to it from my cubicle.

Fast forward another decade and I'm now an associate creative director for Amazon Devices (think Echo, Fire TV, Fire tablets, Kindle, and more). I’m still evolving, still curious, still awed by the pace of technology and the volume of content being created.
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